Back in January of this year we participated in our first UK trade show, The Lingerie Edit.  SO much was going on at the time that we didn’t get to share our snaps of the fabulous event which was held at the VERY swanky Savoy Hotel in London.  The two day event saw us showcasing our Autumn/Winter 2015 ranges to lots of buyers and members of the lingerie press.  It was mainly a working event, but my sales girl Alex and I couldn’t resist sneaking in a few cocktails at the end of the event, at the world renowned Art Deco bar, The Beaufort Bar, at The Savoy…………..well when in Rome and all that!

Chocolates to bribe the buyers with ;)

Chocolates to bribe the buyers with 😉

Now I know you have only just seen the SS15 promo shots on our blog, but we just had to share these pictures of the show with a sneaky peek of the AW15 range.  Think timeless travel on the Orient Express, or lounging in a smokey billiards room of a country estate.  These are of course just teaser shots and in the future we will release all the images and the stories behind the garments.

Our rail of goodies including Classics, SS15 and AW15 items

Our rail of goodies including Classics, SS15 and AW15 items

And of course we also took our fabulously decadent Betty Bridal ranges to show to the buyers.

Brochures to show our Bridal collections

Brochures to show our Bridal collections

Oooooh look at all that gorgeous silk satin!!

Oooooh look at all that gorgeous silk satin!!

And then this is me, at the end of two days of talking non stop about myself and my collections.  Alex told me to pull a pretty face, but this is all I could manage after two exhausting days!

Owner and designer Betty pulling her ' class=

Owner and designer Betty pulling her ‘pretty face’

I think it’s clear to see we needed a drinkypoos at the end of the event.  We talked to lots of old faces we have met before, new faces we have never met, and finally met up with acquaintances that we sort of knew through emails.  And luckily we picked up some new stockists YAAAAYYYYY, which is essentially what these sorts of trade shows are all about.  So we look forward to introducing them to you all over the next few weeks and months.

Anyway on to the most important part.  The glamorous cocktail bar!  The Savoy Art Deco cocktail bar is world renowned and everyone I have spoken to have either heard how amazing it is, or experienced the amazingness themselves and urged me that I HAD to go.  My sales girl Alex and I had done a little research before attending and were certain we wanted a cocktail from the pop up cocktail menu.  Yes you read that correctly POP UP COCKTAIL MENU!!!!  Here is a little video aaalllll about it 🙂

Well we were already ridiculously excited by the time we were seated in our little booth at The Beautfort Bar having seen that video.  And then the Thetre commenced.  I chose the ‘Blue Angel’ cocktail as so:

Betty doing her best Dieticht impression

Betty doing her best Dietrich impression

I love how each cocktail has a little story attached to it.  This cocktail was inspired by regular Savoy stayer Marlene Dietrich.  My memory is a little hazy now as this was last month, but according to the mists of time there were certain items Ms Dietrich would request to be in her suite upon arrival.  Roses, Dom Perignon and some lemons (as it helped soothe her voice – the lemons not the champagne!).  So this cocktail has a lemon sorbet floater, and one of the main ingredients is Dom Perignon Champagne.  Not to forget the flecks of real gold that was sprinkled on top just to add that extra little touch of luxury that Marlene would have surely approved of.  It was of course delicious!  Sales girl Alex also had a spectacular cocktail that came with it’s own theatrical show, as so:

Alex Betty Blues Loungerie Beaufort Bar Savoy

As you can see Alex was pretty happy about this cocktail.  The foggy mist of dry ice smelled of roses and represented the London fog that this cocktail was based on.  Unfortunately that is all I can remember about Alex’s cocktail as I have a brain like a sieve!  But on to the last photograph which is of Team Blue’s at the end of a fabulous event (The Lingerie Edit) at The Savoy Hotel.

Go Team Blue' class=

Go Team Blue’s!

Alex and I can definitely recommend the beautiful Beaufort Bar at The Savoy should you happen to be near it ever.  And we shall definitely be returning to The Lingerie Edit to meet both old and new stockists this coming summer………………… off to design the SS16 collections to showcase there!

Keep tuned for news of those new stockists, and if you go to the Beaufort bar tell us how it was!

Lots of Love