Ahhh yes, just as we have all recovered from Christmas the Valentine’s Day marketing begins!  Well obviously we thought we would give some hints and tips on what we think would make a great Valentine’s Day present and which Betty Blue’s Loungerie items would be PERFECT for a romantic night in.  We have two looks for you based on whether you are flirty and feminine, or romantic and seductive.

Firstly we have a frivolous, fun and flirty set of items that create a luxurious look for a fun filled night.  These items are what we think you can both enjoy together.

Is flirty and Feminine your style?

Is flirty and Feminine your style?

  1. Doesn’t this sweet treat from Laudree just look delicious!  The ‘Coeur Ispahan’ is a rose flavoured macaron filled with rose petal and lychee cream and embellished with fresh raspberries.  Looks and sounds absolutely scrumptious!  If someone bought this, does that mean we have to share?………………I think I’d have a hard time sharing ;).  Available HERE for £21.
  2. Well here is something lovely to wear whilst you enjoy the a fore mentioned macaron. The Tiffany Blue Tempest Set is the right combination of feminine ruffles and teasing mesh.  We had this fabric specifically dyed to match a certain little blue box that evokes luxury, romance and elegance.  You are sure to look a peach in this cute little set.  Can of course be bought from our website   Babydoll £100, Bed Jacket £90 and Briefs £45.
  3. We just love this delightful little bright pink offering from Mulberry for this Spring/Summer. Not only is it a beautiful hibiscus pink colour, but it is oh so stylish and practical.  You can get it HERE for £495 and any girly girl would be honoured to receive it as a special present on Valentine’s Day.
  4. Perhaps you are not quite brave enough to ‘go bare’ under the revealingly flirty Tempest Babydoll. Or perhaps you just enjoy a little decoration of your boobage.  The adorable pastel pink heart pasties match the brightness of the turquoise in our Tiffany Blue Tempest Set perfectly.  Made from leather with little studs around the edges, you can get them HERE from Almeida for £45 for the pair.
  5. To finish the fun and flirty feminine look, what better than a slick of Bardot-esque lippy. This colour is ‘Bitch Perfect’ by Charlotte Tilbury from the aptly named K.I.S.S.I.N.G range.  The lipstick bullet is totally beautiful too.  You can get it HERE for £23.

Now onto something a little more saucy and titillating, our Romantic and Seductive look that will really get you in the mood.

Or is Romantic and Seductive more your thing?

Or is Romantic and Seductive more your thing?

  1. Ok so number one we kinda covered in the last look, a great lippy is always needed (well we think anyway!). The golden bullets of Charlotte Tilbury lippies are just too beautiful to keep in a handbag or make up bag.  Temptingly apply a layer of this gorgeous ‘Matte Revolution in Red Carpet Red’ and you will have people falling at your feet!  The perfect lipstick colour and texture for old school Hollywood glamour.  Get HERE for £23.
  2. Well we had to include this saucy little number didn’t we. We recently received more stock of these little items which had completely sold out.  Hurry they won’t hang around for long!  Get yours HERE for £120.
  3. Ahhhhhh champagne, how we love a little bubbles in Blue’s HQ. Fun fact for you:  I recently found out from a good friend, who has it on good authority, you do pronounce the ‘t’ on the end of Moet.  Funny innit, always thought that because it was French, the ‘t’ would be silent.  Anyway that is beside the point.  This bottle of Moet is as beautiful to behold as it is to sup.  You can purchase it HERE for £54.99.
  4. Perfume! No Valentine’s post would be complete without it.  Set the romantic scene with your signature scent.  At blues HQ we all have different signature scents but we just love the bottle and scent of ‘Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet’.  Smells delicious and looks stunning on a dressing table.  Buy HERE from £55.
  5. Ever since Betty won this adorable little bracelet on twitter, we have been obsessed with the jewelry company Carat.
    Thanks Carat London and Ms Castro Rides for the divine bracelet!

    Thanks Carat London and Ms Castro Rides for the divine bracelet!

    These beautiful earrings are so pretty and delicate that we just couldn’t resist including them in our gift guide.  You can get them HERE for £268.

  6. Just like you can’t do Valentine’s Day without perfume, you can’t do Valentine’s Day without flowers! And this floral option helps to set the mood for the evening too, in form of a candle.  This candle from Aqua di Parma is just so beautiful with hundreds of dried rose petals incorporated in the candle wax.  It smells just divine too.  Click HERE to buy yours for £80.

We hope we have given you a little inspiration for presents, and ideas to help get you all loved up on the most romantic day of the year.

With Love
Betty and all at Team Blue’s xxx