Selfie stick! - Betty in Agatha Robe AW15 Collection

Selfie stick! – Betty in Agatha Nightgown AW15 Collection

Hello my lovely readers, followers and customers – want to win a £150 Betty Blue’s voucher?  Read on my dear people!  I hope you are enjoying revelling in glamour in our brand new (and now TOTALLY AVAILABLE) AW15 collection.  Today we have a begging post I am afraid.  We have entered ourselves into a competition to win a very exciting prize – we could win one weeks worth of NATIONAL TV advertisement courtesy of iZettle (UK).  Now this is HUGELY exciting as, as the website for the competition rightly states, not many small businesses have the opportunity to be on television adverts as it is a hugely expensive undergoing.  A panel of judges are sifting through all the entries as we speak to pick 6 lucky winners, but there is a 7th chance to win in the People’s Choice.  We would love this opportunity as we believe we have an amazing product that is just waiting to get in front of a wider audience so that they too can recline in style!  So if you could possibly vote for us we would be much obliged!  And to sweeten the deal a little you could be in with a chance of winning a £150 voucher for the Betty Blue’s Loungerie online Boutique – details to follow below.

Here is our video:


Now before you all go ‘that’s a bit rubbish that video quality’, we would juuuust like to point out it was done at high speed, by Betty, in her bedroom!  The deadline was looming for the competition and we found out about it last minute, so Betty took to her ancient digital camera, even more ancient tripod (belonged to her granddad so probably the best part of 80/90 years old) and quickly mashed together her idea.  The rules were to produce a video that was only 15 seconds long explaining your business – easier said than done!  Have you ever tried to explain something visually in 15 seconds before?  Well it was quite a challenge!  It did involve speeding things up to super speed so all the info could be included.  The concept is, like superman or superwoman, we can change you from frumpy to fabulous in 15 seconds flat…………….or about the time it takes to get changed into a Betty Blue’s Loungerie outfit!

Anyway the all important details on how to vote and what you have to do to WIN £150 VOUCHER for our lovely shop.  Firstly you have to click the little button ‘Vote’ on the page of this link: you then have to enter either your facebook details, or your email address.  If you entered by email, you will have to confirm that you did indeed intend to vote by a link in your email inbox from iZettle.  This is really important or your vote won’t count eeeeek!  You can vote once a day so vote early and vote often to quote whoever it was ;).

*The Small Print*  Then in order to win our £150 voucher you need to share the heck out of the link and voting details.  Tweet about it, facebook share it, Instagram it!  But DON’T FORGET to link to us or we won’t know about it!  You can find us on twitter @bbloungerie, on facebook here – Facebook or Instagram here – Instagram.  Each tweet/Instagram/Facebook post will be counted as an entry for our voucher and you can enter with us as many times as you like.  A name will then be picked at random out of a hat at the end of the competition for iZettle, which is October 25th.  Hopefully this might incentivise you to vote for us every day *pwetty pweeaassseeee*.  Winner of our voucher contest will be announced on October 26th via our website and social media.

So to sum up, the process is:

  2. Confirm
  3. Share with link!
  4. Repeat daily!

The winner of the iZettle People’s Choice will be announced on November 20th so we have a little while to wait, but fingers crossed everyone!  And a HUGE thank you to iZettle for this opportunity to be seen by the masses!  We really think the British public are going to LOVE our products just as much as our lovely customers already do.

Lots of Love

P.S.  Don’t forget to VOTE FOR US HERE