Last week Betty whisked away to London for a couple of days to visit The London Textiles Fair.  Her mission was to hopefully find an awesome leopard print fabric to be able to bring back a certain little robe that everyone wishes they had bought the first time around, and search out some more awesome fabrics to use in our beautiful creations.  Here are some pictures of her mini vacation/fabric hunt.


The shop floor so to speak, and the hotel Betty stayed at.  As you can see there were hundreds of stands all filled with a variety of beautiful fabrics.


Just some of the lovely florals that Betty found.  Which is your favourite?  Make sure you tell us in the comments section, or on our social media.  Your favourite might just be made into something dreamy to wear!


And the piece de la resistance the Leopard print to end all leopard prints!  This beautiful print is available on a variety of different fabrics, including chiffon, crepe satin as well as a rather wonderful stretch velvet.  The bottom fabric in the pic above is a very extravagant feather fabric which was an eye watering price so won’t appear any time soon, but can’t you just imagine a feather trimmed robe!  SO Ginger Rogers!

Back to the leopard print.  This is the most exciting find we have had for a few years as it is almost a match to the fabric we used for the original leopard print Bettie robe.  The only problem is, is that it is significantly more expensive than the original, because it is printed here in the UK (yay for UK businesses!).  As the robe takes about 5 meters of fabric in one hit, it can soon add up!  So my lovelies we want to know, do we bring this back?  It will probably be around £225, so let us know should we?????


Lastly, there was also a Vintage section to the fair, for designers to go to for inspiration (not as a personal shopping experience for Betty ;)) so of course Betty HAD to visit the vintage pretties!


Lots of Love
Betty and Team Blue’s xxx