Good afternoon and a Happy New Year  I hope you all had a good New Years Eve, partying away in style and glamour.  It is of course the time of year for reflections and making new resolutions…………but I am sure you are all fed up of being preached to so instead we are focusing on another exciting part of the year, ski season!

We are in the midst of the ski season, which means only one thing, you are all going to need some stylish and warm suggestions on how to survive the slopes and how to keep warm in the chilly alpine evenings.  So here are our top picks that are both stylish, warm and totally extravagant.

Chic Ski Season

1.  Since we are talking totally extravagant goodies, what could be more perfect than this Fendi ski parka jacket.  We love how glamorous this jacket is whilst keeping you toasty warm on the slopes, and the deep plum purple is totally on trend this Autumn/Winter.  You can get this gorgeous little item from Harrods and will cost you a mere £4,100.  CLICK HERE to buy!

2.  No skiing outfit would be complete without a totally over the top pair of sunnies, something that wouldn’t look a-miss on Carmen Miranda perhaps.  We LOVE this fabulously OTT pair from Dolce and Gabbana.  At £2,100 they are definitely an ‘investment’ piece but you will be sure to turn a few heads.  Perhaps not the most practical of skiing accessories, but we suspect you are the type to indulge in a warming hot chocolate or Glühwein half way down the mountain anyway so these are perfect for ‘sitting looking pretty’.  I suggest you have a little peak at the rest of the offerings from Dolce and Gabbana as they have some other beautiful and OTT frames this season, some a little more purse friendly, just CLICK HERE.

3.  I saw the designer of this amazingly cute hand knitted scarf whilst browsing in the beautiful store Liberty of London one day, and was instantly hooked.  It is by a designer called Euginia Kim who does some wonderfully quirky animal stole knitted scarves.  This little cutie ‘Fifi’ is currently on sale over on her website at $195, so maybe not as extravagant as I promised this post would be, but still totally covet-able!  CLICK HERE to view.

4.  No wintery post would be complete without a little bit of cashmere.  Those who know me, know that cashmere is my one weakness in life……..well maybe not my only weakness but a pretty big one none the less.  What better to wrap around you whilst sitting elegantly in a cafe in the Alps than this buttery soft and warming beauty.  The Cashmere Wrap Company have, you guessed it, wraps in almost every colour but we love this stripy offering.  A bargain (for cashmere!) at £249, and for an extra fee you can even have your initials monogrammed onto it.  Made in Scotland, this is an ethical choice too, so go over to their website and show some love by CLICKING HERE.

Of course in the evenings you are going to need some loungewear to keep you warm and stylish.  We have the PERFECT solutions for you over on our website.  From our Autumn/Winter 2014 collection we have this peachy offering.

Bettie Reversible Bed Jacket and Peach Bettie Nightgown

Bettie Reversible Bed Jacket and Peach Bettie Nightgown

CLICK HERE to view it in all it’s glory.  Then over in our sale we have some fleecy dressing gowns to encase your curves in whilst looking totally amazing.

Lucille Robe and Fleece Bettie Robe

Lucille Robe and Fleece Bettie Robe

For these and other sale items CLICK HERE.  So there is absolutely no reason you won’t have to look spectacularly glamorous this ski season and make all your friends green with envy.

Once again Happy New Year!  We hope you have lots of luck and good fortune for 2015.
Lots of love and luck
Betty and all at team Blue’s xxx