In a week’s time I am off on my Holibobs (the first for 3 years!).  I will be going to Las Vegas to attend VIVA for the first time.  In the past I have been very jealous of friends who have been and reported back the various glamorous goings on.  So in preparation I am re watching a hair and makeup DVD I bought about a year ago.  I think I planned to do a review blog post back when I bought it but somehow didn’t get around to it.  So here it is now, better late than never.

Micheline Pitt with Doris Mayday - Photographer: Rick Miller

Micheline Pitt with Doris Mayday – Photographer: Rick Miller

Micheline Pitt it a very glamorous individual.  Besides being a model herself (even appearing on Americas Next Top Model in the past) and designer at deadly dames, she is a make-up artist to Hollywood A-Listers.  When I heard she was releasing a DVD showing us to she creates the hair and make-up looks used in her photo shoots, I just had to own a copy.  Who better than the Queen of pinup to show us all how to create her sensational looks.

When you purchase ‘Modern Pinup – Makeup and Hair’, you get over 10 hours of in depth footage showing you how to do 7 different hair and makeup looks as well as detailed chapters on perfecting eyebrows and contouring/highlighting.  There is SO much info included it spans three full length DVD’s.  To say there is something for everyone is not an exaggeration.  What I really like about this DVD is that not only are there tutorials for all hair colours, they have covered most skin tones too.  This is something I can really relate with; Glamour is for everyone.

Lissa Lee - Photographer: Rick Miller

Lissa Lee – Photographer: Rick Miller

Another great thing about this step by step how to DVD, is that it dispels a myth.  The myth that models and celebrities are perfect human beings that wake up looking flawless.  As you see the processes involved right from the very start, Micheline explains all the tips and hints she has gained over the years, to enhance your features and show them to their best.  It is fascinating watching her transform her models from being plain Jane’s (no offence intended to the models!) into beautiful Barbara’s.  Reassuringly this process takes time!  So even Kate Moss doesn’t wake up looking flawless, she just knows how to work her assets; it’s all smoke and mirrors!  I would also imagine to create such beautiful hair and makeup would take a few practices too.  (One has to remember Micheline has been perfecting her craft for years so if you buy this DVD and attempt a look, don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work first time!).

Eyebrow master Micheline Pitt - Photographer: Rick Miller

Eyebrow master Micheline Pitt – Photographer: Rick Miller

My favourite chapter has got to be the eyebrow chapter.  Micheline is a self confessed eyebrow snob and has earned herself a reputation as an expert on the matter.  Eyebrows are the part where many a woman has let herself down.  Done properly, like Micheline’s are, they finish off the pinup look and frame the face perfectly.  So take notes ladies, you NEED to watch this chapter!

One thing I would say about this DVD, although fantastically detailed, I wouldn’t recommend to complete novices.  With a lot of practice, novices could probably nail the looks, but a basic grasp of working pinup style hair and makeup on yourself is needed to create such flawless looks.  I would imagine it may intimidate those who only wear mascara and powder at the most.  For those deft at makeup application, or those who have time and patience to practice, this DVD is a must have.

I really can’t fault this collection of fab modern pinup looks.  To sum up this review, you NEED this DVD in your life if you want to perfect a glamorous, sultry sexy pinup look.  I promise it will enlighten you and help you to do anything from perfecting flawless pinup skin, to mastering simple but oh so glamorous pinup hair

Joanie Virginia - Photographer: Rick Miller

Joanie Virginia – Photographer: Rick Miller

styles.  As a bonus, you are also given access to a secret section of Micheline’s website, where she has detailed all the


products and brushes she uses in this super comprehensive DVD.  So why not give glamour a go and get your very own copy HERE.

Lots of Love

P.S. Of course whilst you have a go at one of the DVD’s looks, why not wear your Betty Blue’s Loungerie outfits!  Be sure to email me a picture of the finished look if you do, I’d love to see your makeup and hair looks!

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