Hello everybody!  I hope you are all having a fabulous festive time?  Today we have devised a little ‘cheat sheet’ for your loved ones.  Now we all sometimes get those unwanted Christmas presents that do the gift rounds.  This is a perfect way to make sure you get exactly what YOU want.  We have made a ‘Lust List’ that you can print out at home and leave lying around in subtle (or not so subtle!) places.  All you have to do is fill in which Betty Blue’s Loungerie or Betty Bridal items tickle your fancy, and circle your size for tops, bottoms and robes.  Sign it with your name and voila!  A perfect way to make sure a pink Betty Blue’s Loungerie box is either in your stocking, or under your tree.  Here it is:

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Betty Blue’s Loungerie Christmas Lust List

And if this doesn’t work?  Maybe get new friends and family!  No we are just kidding!!  If it doesn’t work at least you can say you tried to shop Independent this year.

Keep glam my lovelies,
Betty and all at Blue’s HQ xxx