Hello lovely Betty Blue’s Loungerie fans.  You are probably in the midst of preparing for a Valentine’s Day spectacular of presents, romantic meals and awesome night attire (which of course you can buy from yours truly HERE), so we thought you might like a little distraction.  This post is taking you behind the scenes of the design process behind our brand new SS15 collection.  We will start with of course the Tiffany Blue Tempest Set which we recently released.  There will very soon be another awesome and very special item added to the SS15 collection, but we will look at that in a week or so as they are still being printed up onto silk and sewn together expertly somewhere in the depths of London.

So to begin we will share our creative process behind the Tiffany Blue Tempest Set.  Usually the first port of call for our designer, Betty, is to create a mood board.  She collated images from the internet in a Pinterest board centered around a theme or colour that is set to be on trend for the season, with a little bit of vintage style inspiration thrown in for good measure.  Why do we do this?  Well we know our customers LOVE all things retro and nostalgic, but we also want to add a little bit of a fashion edge to our products so even more lovely ladies can buy into the Betty Blue’s brand.  We aren’t constrained by trends per say, but to get the Blue’s name across the world and reaching as many awesome ladies who love a glamorous luxurious lifestyle, we do like to add a little nod to current trends.

The colour that really stood out to our designer was this gorgeous bright and breezy blue.  What better colour to evoke luxury and decadence than Tiffany Blue.  It is a really fresh colour that immediately makes us think of cool summer breezes and crystal clear oceans on long summer holidays.  It also reminds us of the fun pastel colours of lingerie and nightwear of the 1960s, and Bridgette Bardot was a particular inspiration when thinking about shooting the new SS15 collection.  Pastel blues and ‘seafoam’ were all the rage in the 60s so it was a natural fit for us to use this colour spectrum.

Now we had our colour palette and shoot theme we got onto product development.  One of our best selling items are the cute little Tempest sets.  The masses spoke so we wanted to bring the set back for its third season.  Taking on board our colour inspiration we contacted a fabric dyer to help us get the perfect shade of bright Tiffany Blue.


So there you have it, a swinging sixties, sophisticated and luxurious, but fun and flirty little set inspired by Tiffany & Co. as well as blonde bombshell Bridgette Bardot.  As I explained a little further up, we will look at the inspiration for our second item for the SS15 season in a week or so when we have received the finished product from our factory (EXCITING!).

Until then, have a fabulous Valentine’s Day/Night, and don’t forget you can get your boudoir attire from our very own SHOP HERE.

Lots of Love
Betty and Team Blue’s xxx