Happy Sunday and welcome to our updated website!  Spring is in the air and in our steps and we have received our super pretty SS16 stock from our fab manufacturers.

Now here is the deal.  You may notice the retail prices are a wee bit smaller than past comparable seasons.  This is no mistake!  We are trialing a new approach to selling.  There has been an increasing trend in the fashion and lingerie/loungewear industry to our wholesale sales.  Lingerie boutiques were increasingly asking us to provide our beautiful and unique product to their boutiques on a SOR (sale or return) or for the internet based businesses, dropship basis.  Basically, they wanted to make their businesses look more awesome off our backs – requiring no financial risk on their behalf, yet reaping all the rewards from our beautiful product and expensive, glossy imagery.  Just how they expected us to pay our fabric suppliers and manufacturers, who by the way we by law HAVE to pay at least a minimum wage, I don’t know!  I suspect they think that money grows on trees, that the invisible man in the sky made.  But I digress.  Surprisingly to some we said no, you need to actually pay for the product you want, and this means that we have all but given up on the wholesale side of Betty Blue’s.  We now only work with awesome stockists who actually value our design and craftsmanship and actually pay us.  YOU ARE AWESOME STOCKISTS!  And for the rest, you have the opportunity to SOR and dropship our brand new, one of a kind, exclusive “Emperor’s New Clothes” collection – please see image below.  Sell to your hearts contents!

Emperors New Clothes Collection

Emperors New Clothes Collection – by Betty Blue’s Loungewear

Isn’t is just a stunning collection!

Again I digress – can you tell our sarcasm towards these boutiques?  The point is, if they aint gonna play ball, neither are we.  We are no longer wholesalling to companies who do not pay us for our hard work.  So what does all this mean for you awesome bunch of people who continue to buy our amazingly glamorous loungewear?

Well, now there is no middleman – the wholesaler – we can effectively cut them out.  There is no longer a need for a wholesale ‘mark-up’.  So we can reduce our prices to take out their cut!  We still do need a healthy margin to photograph and market our wonderful loungewear, these things aren’t cheap, but we wanted to pass on our savings to your good selves.  This does mean that the new collection won’t be able to be seen in other shops; you will have to come directly to us to buy them.  It also means that if the items eventually go into our outlet, the products won’t be as drastically discounted.  Because after all, rent doesn’t pay itself and we do have to feed ourselves occasionally.

This tale does come with a cautionary tale however, if you do not buy things FULL PRICE, there is no guarentee a) the item will be made again, or b) we will be able to sustain the new pricing structure.  Profit margins aren’t there for us to get rich from, they pay for a whole host of items that you don’t necessarily see – like office stationary or marketing on blogs and in magazines.  So please please please, I emplore you to perhaps buy a little less new things, but at a dearer price.  Otherwise all your favourite Independent lingerie and loungewear brands will cease to exist.  There have already been some awesome brands that have faded away quietly over the past year.

But now for a little light relief.  The images below show the difference the wholesale mark up would have made to the brand new SS16 collection.  So get over to our BOUTIQUE and grab a little slice of luxury!


WWS=With Wholesale Included.  Just=New Pricing Structure

WWS = With Wholesale Included. Just = New Pricing Structure

WWS=With Wholesale Price.  Just=New Pricing Structure

WWS = With Wholesale Price. Just = New Pricing Structure

I really hope you will all be on board with our new pricing structure.  We really value your support, so keep being awesome all you lovely customers out there 🙂

Lots of Love
Betty and Team Blue’s xxx