I was chatting to my business mentor recently and she happened to mention about how men usually have no clue about what women want as a present.  She was having building work done around Christmas time and her builders were all discussing how they have no clue what to buy their significant other (never mind some had been married for years so one would hope they would know her by now!).  So we got our thinking caps on and thought it would be a brilliant idea to make it painfully, explicitly obvious to our menfolk what we want as a present for Valentine’s Day!  That way no one is disappointed and the menfolk get major brownie points.  Scroll down to the bottom of this post for our print out form to fill in ladies.

At Christmas, we always take part in the ‘Lingerie Secret Santa’.  It puts us in our customers shoes, thinking about what to gift someone based on their likes and dislikes; much as a man might think about how to gift to their loved one.  You saw what we gifted to the lovely Rachel over at Buttress and Snatch (here).  But our gift got held up in the postal system.  It seems a great time to finally share with you what Betty received from the wonderful lady, Adrianna, over at Sugar Lace Lingerie.

When we sign up for the Lingerie Secret Santa, you have to fill in a simple questionnaire with your details so that the gifting party has a few clues what to get you.  Here is what Betty wrote:

Your name: Betty Hobcraft
Your address:  *secret*
Your sizes – top and bottom dress sizes, bra size and bust, waist, hip and thigh measurements.  Please convert all sizes to UK dress and bra sizes: Dress size UK 6-8 for both top and bottom. Bra: 32D/30DD Waist: 24” Bust: 34” Hips 34” Thigh: 18”
Do you have any preferences on garment styles, shapes or colours? (e.g. no thongs, no pink, no strappy details): I like lacy pretty girly things, and obviously anything vintage inspired.  Not a big fan of anything too strappy and difficult to get into, or anything too modern looking.  No naughty knickers (ouverts).

Based on these little clues, this is what Betty was gifted.



The PERFECT gift!  She made a gorgeous bra and pantie set called ‘Lady Lux’ and a babydoll and knicker in pink nylon with a feathery pom pom tie.  It’s girly, cute and fun!  Thank you so much Adrianna, it is just beautiful and the attention to detail on the items are just stunning.  Make sure you go and visit the Sugar Lace Lingerie shop and give it some love.

So gentlemen, want to do as well as Adrianna did for us?  Well ladies, this is where you have to give them a little help.  We have created a print out form for you.  All you have to do is print it out and fill it in with your details.  To make it even easier for your menfolk, you don’t have to give ambiguous likes and dislikes, you simply write in the Betty Blue’s Loungewear items you want.  What could be easier!  Then all your other half has to do is come to our website and click ‘buy’.  If they can’t do that and you get another bunch of flowers and box of chocolates, then we suggest you ditch em ;).


Then all you have to do ladies is to leave this on his pillow.

Lots of Love
Betty and the rest of Team Blue’s xxx