It’s that time of year again, the most exciting event in the lingerie industry calendar…..the Lingerie Secret Santa!

What is the Lingerie Secret Santa?! I hear you cry. Well regular blog readers will know that it is a scheme set up by the most awesome independent lingerie companies in the world, to help you choose gifts from a loved one. How do we do this?

Well each person participating is given a person to give a gift to. We are also given a budget and a list of the persons likes and dislikes as well as their dress size. It is designed to get us thinking as a customer would when buying a gift for a loved one, most people when buying a gift will know a) what their giftee likes and dislikes, b) what size their giftee is and c) know their budget to buy a gift.

This is the list of participating brands, for you to go and give them some love on their social media and blogs:

Abigail Greydanus
All Undone
Alma Robles Lingerie
Betty Blues Loungewear
Buttress and Snatch
Elissa Poppy
Harlow and Fox
Karolina Laskowska
Kiss Me Deadly
Manoela Marandino
Nearer the Moon
Nubian Skin
Playful Promises
She and Reverie
Sugar Lace Lingerie
Tight Laced
Toru and Naoko

So without giving away who Betty has been allocated to give a gift to, here is her brief:

a) she likes eyelash lace (<3 don't we all girls!), pretty things and sheer things. She doesn't like corsets, anything bondish-y (so no strappy fetishy things as they are too difficult to put on) and she isn't a fan of 'tanga' style panties and never wears thongs. b) She is a petite lady, about a UK size 8 - 10. c) The budget is £200. So with this in mind, we have the PERFECT gift lined up for our lovely lady giftee. Here is what Betty has sewn up to send her fabulous giftee.


Pretty, check, and sheer, check! The latest version of our beautiful Tempest Set, which includes a babydoll, bed jacket and bikini style brief, in a glorious ‘Violet’ colour purple with contrasting lilac ribbon and silk. We hope our lucky recipient will love her cute little set. If you’d like to treat yourself, it is currently discounted by 20% and can be purchased HERE. We have also included our brand new lingerie bag in the same fabric.


This new little beauty is a total steal at just £12.50. We hope our giftee can store her fabulous new Tempest set in it. It can be bought from our shop HERE.

Want more ideas? You can see past years presents that we have gifted and what the criteria for each were:
HERE for 2015
HERE for 2014

We hope you like our suggestions, I wonder what Betty will receive this year?!
Lots of Love
Betty and Team Blue’s xxx