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My Christmas Lust List

Hello everybody!  I hope you are all having a fabulous festive time?  Today we have devised a little 'cheat sheet' for your loved ones.  Now we all sometimes get those unwanted Christmas presents that do the gift rounds.  This is a perfect way to make sure you get exactly what YOU want.  We have made a 'Lust List' that you can print out at home and leave lyi[...]

Luxurious Christmas Gifts

We have LOADS of great items in our online shop to help you have a luxurious and special Christmas this year.  What will you chose to swan around in on Christmas morning?       We have a selection of luxury silk satin items in our Autumn/Winter 2014 collections.  As in this picture, the 100% Silk Heather Bettie Nightgown is[...]

Christmas Delivery Dates

    Just a little reminder dear lovely customers, that in order for Santa Clause to visit you on Christmas night with goodies from Betty Blue's Loungerie and Betty Bridal, he needs to have a little bit of warning!  We will be shutting up shop over the festive period to have a long awaited rest.  You will still be able to place orders,[...]