Today we peek inside Betty’s very own Christmas list to inspire you with Christmas gift ideas from other companies (obviously to go with your Betty Blue’s Loungerie you will be gifting).

Hello everyone,

This is my Christmas list this year.  It is my top luxury gifts to give, and what I hope Santa Clause is going to bring me.  I promise I have been very good this year 🙂

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Betty’s Christmas List

1.  I love Charlotte Olympia as a designer.  Her collection of shoes and bags are the perfect combination of kitsch and classic beauty.  This cute clutch bag appeals to me as I love mexican food, so what better than a taco clutch bag!  I love the details, the retro rattan/straw used as the main part of the bag, right down to the organza lettuce and tomato slices with crystal detailing.  What’s not to love!  I always feel fashion should have a sense of humor.  £855 from Selfridges.

2.  Two of my favourite Italian things have come together in this design collaboration.  Disaronno and Versace!  Versace have designed this beautiful bottle for the Italian liquor Disaronno.  This time of year is the perfect time of year for one of my favourite tipples.  Mix one measure of Disaronno with one measure of Gin and one measure of pouring cream.  Shake over ice and strain into a martini glass.  Dust with a grating of nutmeg and voila!  The perfect ‘White Christmas’ cocktail!  From around £14 a bottle, for more information on Disaronno click here.

3.  Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a little chocolate.  This special gift is a monthly subscription to celebrate fine chocolate from all around the world.  Cocoa Runners select yummy and different chocolates from all around the world and send them to you monthly in a giftbox.  So every 3rd week of the month you get it delivered right to your front door.  I couldn’t think of anything more perfect for a gift……………….well actually other monthly subscriptions I have found include one to a Gin company that sends you dinky bottles of different Gins to try each month, but what with the bottle of Disaronno above, I didn’t want you all thinking I’m an alchy ;).  From £14.95 a month from Cocoa Runners.

4.  I am loving this selection of festive nail varnishes from YSL.  They come in a beautiful giftbox and will add a little bit of sparkle and glamour to your fingertips and toesies this Christmas.  £55 from Selfridges.

5.  Not that many people these days write to each other, but I do so like a handwritten note.  This gorgeous pen from Montblanc is inspired by the eternally gracefull Princess Grace of Monaco.  Much more elegant than a bic biro!  £665 from Montblanc I love this deep inky purple one, but it is also available in ivory for £690.

So there you have what I would like under my Christmas tree this year………………by the way feel free for any of you out there to go ahead and buy one of the above 5 items 🙂

With Love

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