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Photographer Spotlight: Tigz Rice

Boudoir photoshoots are becoming increasingly popular, and with Christmas around the corner (we're allowed to start talking about it now, right?), booking a shoot can not only result in beautiful photos that make a gift to be treasured forever, but it can also be a great confidence boosting gift to yourself. And it also provides an always needed excuse to tr[...]

Model Spotlight: Eliza DeLite

Beautiful English rose Eliza DeLite is currently in the USA just starting her fabulous burlesque tour, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be sponsoring her! Catch her at any of her US shows for exclusive Betty Blue’s discount postcards – she has free shipping codes as well as discount codes if you’re really nice to her ;) The exchange rate is currently [...]

Wedding Wednesday

Our bridal range has been somewhat neglected since it's launch a while back.  But with a new year, and new Wedding season, we are back on track with our bridal range and excitedly planning away lots of new events and products.  So, with hopefully the first in a flurry of new Wedding themed blog posts on a Wednesday, we are reinvigorated to bring you lots[...]