I did threaten Nikki with using an embarrassing teenage pic of her, but this is a more recent one!

I did threaten Nikki with using an embarrassing teenage pic of her, but I chose to be nice and this is a more recent one!

Nikki Strange is of course the fabulous textiles and print designer behind the beautiful print on our newest item, we even named it after her, the Nikki Kimono!  Now I have known Nikki for yeeeeears (too many to say politely as it shows our age), but you guys are probably not that familiar with her as her style of print and textiles as it is slightly more modern than the Betty Blue’s look.  So Nikki took the time to fill in a little questionnaire all about herself so we can get to know her and her work better 🙂

  1. What is your name and what is the name of your website/boutique

    Nikki Strange, Nikki Strange Designs

  1. Where are you based?

    Hackney, London

  1. How long have you been in the print/textiles industry?
    Flamingo Party Tablet Case by Nikki Strange Designs £39

    Flamingo Party Tablet Case by Nikki Strange Designs £39

    5 years

  1. What made you want to go into the print/textiles industry?

    I knew when I was at school that I wanted to go into design though I wasn’t sure what to specialise in as I loved both fashion and graphic design. It wasn’t until I went to university where I fell in love with digital print and realised this is what I want to do!

  2. Where do you go to find your inspiration?

    Nature is always a source of inspiration for me, from animals to patterns found in landscapes and textures around us. I love to start with a natural starting point and then play with colours to create designs that invoke a sense of surrealism.

    Japanese Cranes Print by Nikki Strange Designs

    Japanese Cranes Print by Nikki Strange Designs £15.99

  3. Describe your artwork style

    My artwork is often quite ethereal, with a lot of emphasis on colour and texture. My favourite medium to work in is watercolours & inks which often means my work contains quite fluid and abstract elements.

  4. For those who want to get into the print and textiles industry what would be your top tip to them?

    I would say it’s important to experiment with as many techniques as you can to find out what you love doing. There are so many avenues to go down in textiles and print so try as much as you can to find out where you’re strengths lie as you could be the most amazing screen printer and not know it! It’s also important to have a wide portfolio of skills so that you have great hand drawing skills, as well as working digitally. It’s important to have a commercial awareness in the design world so always keep on top of trends and what’s changing both in design and technology.

  5. Describe how you came up with the beautiful floral design for your collaboration with Betty Blue’s Loungerie.  What was your creative process?
    Kimonos are so versatile you can wear as a robe, as a jacket with a cute pair of trousers and high heels on a night out

    Nikki’s stunning design on Betty Blue’s Loungerie 100% Silk Limited Edition ‘Nikki Kimono’ £650

    Betty and I worked closely together as we compiled mood and trend boards, pulling together ideas that we loved and finding a colour palette that reflected both our brand styles. We wanted to create something that had an element of the traditional Japanese kimono, but with a contemporary twist. The floral design is delicate and fluid giving the kimono a very sophisticated and feminine feel.  We loved the idea of using watercolour mark making across the garment ie on the sleeves and down the back of the kimono to give it so that there is subtle marks of colour across the whole garment which act as hidden surprises because of the way the kimono drapes.

  6. Who do you see as being your target customer? What type of woman (or man!) would like Nikki Strange Designs art and products?

    My target customer is predominately female (think I’ve had one male customer!) and tends to be aged between 17-35. As my brand has developed and grown, I’ve tried to broaden my designs so that there is something for everyone, whilst still maintaining my signature style. My customer is free spirited and loves lots of colour in her life! She is adventurous and is inspired by travel and different cultures, giving her a broad and open outlook to life.

    Watercolour ' class=

    Watercolour ‘Ikat’ A5 Notebook by Nikki Strange Designs £5.99

  7. As we are a loungewear/nightwear/lingerie brand, what would you say is your go to piece of lingerie or loungewear that you just can’t live without?
    I’m always drawn to classic pieces that have a pop of colour as i like to wear things that have a playful yet sophisticated feel to them. I love lightweight pieces that I can then layer with a silky robe creating a glamorous look that’s easy to achieve !  I love how at Betty Blue’s you cater for just that- you’re latest Tiffany blue tempest set is stunning !
  8. Who inspires you style wise in the celeb world both past or present?

    Ooh hard question! I’m not really a big follower on celebrity fashion but find I’m usually influenced by the singer/songwriters that I listen to whilst I work. I love the style of Tori Amos, pop duo Cocorosie, Natasha Khan from Bat For Lashes, Stevie Nicks (she always rocks a good kimono!) I find women who live by their own rules are the most inspiring and think strong women with attitude gives a person’s style more substance. I think ‘celebrities’ these days don’t have enough substance!

  9. Do you have any upcoming in events or special offers that we should know about?

    This Spring I’m going to be trading at the amazing Renegade Craft Fair on the 11th & 12th April.  It’s being held at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane so if anyone’s about in London they should definitely come down 🙂

    Freedom Feather Phone Case by Nikki Strange Designs £21.99

    Freedom Feather Phone Case by Nikki Strange Designs £21.99

  10. Where do you see Nikki Strange Designs in 5 years’ time?
    Hopefully in five years’ time my product range will have grown, I really want to branch out into more lifestyle products.  I want the Nikki Strange brand to change and evolve to reflect my ever changing tastes and inspirations. I always want my designs to encompass my signature style but in way that ensures I’m not staying in my comfort zone.
  11. Finally give us all your website and social media links so we can all find you!

    Instagram: @nikkistrangedesign

    So go and show Nikki some love on her social media, and pop in to say hi to her at the Renegade Craft Fair.  Nikki’s stunning prints are available on a wide selection of products at a really affordable price point for such unique designs.  Nikki also takes on commissions for prints and even designed prints for the bridesmaid dresses of a lady who just loved her style.

Lots of love Betty and all at Team Blue’s xxx