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Betty Bridal - The Nell Teddy

So two weeks seems to have passed by since I last blogged about the new Bridal range, this can only mean one thing - production issues.  Alas September has swung around and I am without my AW14 collections.  I am assured they are on the way, but what with Holidays and glitches with not enough fabric, it may be a couple of weeks yet.  But of course I shall le[...]

Back and ready and raring to go!

Hello!  So I am well and truly back from my Holiday in Vegas.  I had a fabulous week relaxing and socialising with friends.  I didn't take many photos as I prefer enjoying the moment rather than obsessively photographing everything, so I won't bore you with a Holiday slideshow.  Just this shot of both old and new friends on one of our first evenings. [...]

Modern Pinup - Micheline Pitt

In a week’s time I am off on my Holibobs (the first for 3 years!).  I will be going to Las Vegas to attend VIVA for the first time.  In the past I have been very jealous of friends who have been and reported back the various glamorous goings on.  So in preparation I am re watching a hair and makeup DVD I bought about a year ago.  I think I planned to do a re[...]